Pay Your Bills with Ease

Every month, millions of people in more than 300,000 locations around the world use self-service kiosk technology to pay their bills. In Mexico, we strive to simplify electronic payments for both users and Service Providers, by placing our kiosks in locations you already visit, and we use top-notch technology to make every transaction easy, fast and secure.

Why should I use QPAGOS kiosks?

Save Time, Save Money

A self-service QPAGOS kiosk will save you time, by allowing you to make all your frequent payments in one location. We have a vast portfolio of service providers and retailers that receive payments through our kiosks, including utilities, cellphone operators, entertainment and banking services. We are always expanding our network of providers, generating new opportunities to make your life easier.

You will enjoy a more flexible payment schedule, unlike those of government offices or banks, thanks to a far shorter wait time. Additionally, you can have the certainty that your payment was processed and received by your service provider instantly, allowing you to avoid late fees.

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Pay Your Bills Using the QPAGOS App

We go a step further by offering you the convenience of paying your bills from anywhere, at any time through our mobile application on your smart phone, enjoying the same benefits of one of our kiosks.

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