Give your customers more reasons to shop with you

Our self-service kiosks provide your customers with a convenient way to pay their bills while they’re already inside your store – no waiting in line, it’s easy and secure.

It will allow you to engage and extend services to a wider range of customers, including early technology adopters. This group has embraced the digital revolution in many aspects of their lives. QPAGOS self-service kiosks offers them a friendly user-experience, expediency, flexible payment hours and secure transactions that will certainly be appealing to their lifestyle. This will, in turn, increase their motivation to return to your business.

Likewise for your late technology adopters the 19” touch screen is very intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate throughout the transaction process.

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What are the Benefits of a QPAGOS Kiosk?

  • Reduce staffing costs and increase productivity: Our self-service technology is designed in order to guide consumers through the entire transaction without requiring any assistance from personnel.
  • Obtain a secondary stream of income: Increase revenue to your business while also reducing the costs and risks of human error in cash processing.
  • Increase foot traffic to your store: Reach and engage more potential customers with faster check-out and shorter queues
  • Increase transaction security: Give your customers a reliable channel to pay their bills and services in cash and in real time.
  • Waste no resources: Our kiosks don’t take up much room and they have no special requirements for installation. All you need is electricity and an Internet connection, which can be through LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Install a Kiosk in Your Store

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