• Why should I advertise on your kiosks?
  • Our kiosks are located in high traffic locations, visible to thousands of potential customers for your products. You can take advantage of this reach to promote your products and/or services, and to interact with your target audience in many ways, such as offering them discounts, carrying out surveys, and much more.

  • What are the requirements to advertise on your kiosks?
  • As long as the content is within the acceptable public standard you are welcome to advertise through us.

  • What are the formats you use for advertising on kiosks?
  • We use Flash content, but we can also accommodate other technologies. Please contact us at info@qpagos.com or call us at +52 55 55 11 01 10 for more information.

  • Is there any penalization for cancelling if I no longer want to advertise on your platform?
  • Contracts are usually for a monthly basis, and are prepaid; thus cancellations are accepted on a monthly basis.

  • How do I start advertising in your kiosks?
  • We're very glad to welcome you into our network of advertisers. Please contact us at info@qpagos.com


  • Why should I have a QPAGOS kiosk in my business?
  • Having a kiosk in your business helps attract traffic to your business, offering your clients a very large menu of service providers and a practical way to pay their bills. The kiosk also helps you save time and resources in the cashier aisles while also reducing congestions and improving your customers experience. We help you get started by installing the kiosk, providing training for supervisors, monitoring and offering free support services. 

  • Does the installation of the kiosk have a cost?
  • Kiosk installation has a minimal cost. All you need is access to electricity and connectivity to our Cloud, which can be through LAN, Wi-Fi or Mobile data.

  • What are the requirements for the installation of a kiosk in my business?
  • Your Kiosk will need to have access to electricity and connectivity to the QPAGOS Cloud. Connectivity can be through LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Does it need any kind of maintenance?
  • Yes, it is a very simple process which you can do yourself. The training provided when you acquire your kiosk covers this in detail. 

  • What happens if the kiosk gets damaged?
  • Please report it to us to assess damage at info@qpagos.com or call us at +52 55 55 11 01 10.


  • Why should I become a franchisee?
  • If you have an entrepreneurial mind and a passion for technology, you should consider QPAGOS as a business opportunity because our endeavor is to continue expanding geographically throughout Mexico and adding service providers to our electronic payments menu. Given that this is a growing field, our franchisees can expect to see a very attractive ROI.

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  • What is the cost of the franchise?
  • Depends on the size of the territory.

  • How do I become a franchisee?
  • We're very glad you want to join us. Please contact us at info@qpagos.com for more details.

Service Providers

  • Why should I add my service to your platform?
  • In Mexico people prefer to use cash to pay their bills. QPAGOS can offer your clients a fast and interactive payment experience anywhere in the country where there is mobile connectivity, which they can use safely anytime without waiting in line.

  • How do I add my service to your platform?
  • We're so happy you want to join us. Please contact us at info@qpagos.com or call us at +52 55 55 11 01 10.

  • What are the requirements to be added to your platform?
  • A simple web service connection we can help you with.

  • Does the addition of my business to your platform have any cost?
  • Yes, but it is a minor cost. Please contact us at info@qpagos.com or call us at +52 55 55 11 01 10 for more information.

  • What are the fees charged for the payments made by my customers?
  • These are subject to negotiation, but typically it is a percentage of the amount collected or a flat fee per transaction.

  • Is there any penalization for cancelling if I no longer want to be a part of your platform?
  • No, but cancellation is subject to a 30-day cancellation notice.


  • What is QPAGOS?
  • We are a payment processing company who connects Service Providers with their customers, allowing them through our self-service kiosks, and other devices, to make electronic payments for a growing amount of services which include utilities (electric, gas, telephone), cellphone recharge, entertainment (videogames, cable TV), municipal and government payments, among others.

  • What is a self-service kiosk?
  • Powered by QPAGOS state-of-the-art technology our self-service kiosks enable consumers to make electronic payments in cash (bills and coins) by simply using an interactive touch screen, where they can select the service they want to pay and complete the process within seconds. Check out our different models here.

  • What kind of services can I pay?
  • We currently offer over 150 payments including utilities, cellphone recharge, entertainment services, and bank payments. You can see the complete list of all the services here. We are always adding new services to our offerrings, so stay tuned for future news.

  • Is there a fee for the payments I make with QPAGOS?
  • For recharging your prepaid cellphone there is no fee, however when making service payments such as utilities, there may be a service fee that fluctuates between MX $6 to MX $8. 

  • Where can I find a kiosk near me?
  • Find the nearest one to your location here.

  • What payment methods can I use in the kiosk?
  • QPAGOS kiosks accept cash payments in both bills and coins.

  • Is my transaction safe?
  • QPAGOS and the Service Providers we take payments for have the highest security standards, so that we can guarantee the safety of your transactions.

  • Where can I suggest a service I would like to see on QPAGOS?
  • We're always happy to receive your suggestions at info@qpagos.com

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my payment?
  • If you experience any kind of problem with a transaction please call the number on the receipt and we will help you, or contact us at INFO@QPAGOS.COM or call us at +52 55 55 11 01 10, or fill out our form here.