Who We Are

At QPAGOS, we contribute to Mexico’s financial inclusion initiatives through our state-of-the-art electronic payments technology, which provides users with a convenient and secure alternative for paying bills, products and services, using multiple devices including self-service kiosks, mobile and PC-based applications. We enable users to make electronic payments for a growing amount of services such as bank payments, cell phone top-ups and municipal and utility payments.

To our users this means no more waiting in line or trying to find a remote location to make frequent payments. For service providers, it contributes to expand their national collections footprint while reducing transactional costs. For our distributors and franchisees, it provides a very attractive source of income, as they are able to monetize high traffic physical spaces. And for advertisers, it offers a new channel to attract business and interact with customers, given that QPAGOS self-service kiosks have an integrated second screen to broadcast advertising spots and messages.  

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How It Works

Our mission is to provide consumers with a convenient and secure way to make their frequent payments, without waiting in line or requiring any assistance from the teller. Users can search and select a Service Provider through a simple touch screen, deposit their payment in cash and, within minutes, the payment is received by the Service Provider.

These are the different QPAGOS Kiosk models with some examples of our unique Kiosk Private Labeling Program to support your business through added market exposure.

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